About Me

I’m Lindsey. I’m 30 years old and I live in Maine with my husband and our 2 year old daughter Eleanor. Oh and our little cavalier king charles Ruby: our fur-baby. Having a baby and becoming a mother, to a rather challenging baby I might add, has led me to write and write and write in journals and I’ve decided it is time to start a blog (with a little recent encouragement ;). I promise, I won’t always write about every temper tantrum my feisty red-headed angel has but she will certainly inspire a majority of my posts. Becoming a mother has rocked my world, and I don’t always mean that in the fun, totally rad way. I found so much comfort in the online community of fellow mothers that had a difficult time with post-partum depression or coping with a difficult infant and I only hope that one person reads one of my posts and finds some comfort like I did and that they are not alone. And that it is okay to admit our truest, deepest feelings to others and seek out support. This blog may will probably be a form of therapy for me, so if that scares you, go read someone else’s blog. I’d like to think I will also post about crafts I’ve enjoyed doing or recipes that I’ve totally nailed. We shall see where this blog takes me or shall I say “us”.


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