Heaven on Earth

I’m a bit of a mommy-zombie today. Eleanor had a weird night of waking and crying almost every 2-3 hours (brought up some good ol’ memories of the first 8ish months of her life!). No idea why! She couldn’t tell us anything, didn’t have a fever, and answered NO to every question we asked about any aches, pains or needs.

It never goes well once we go into her room in the middle of the night, especially during night terrors but I don’t think this was a night terror kind of night. She had a very stimulating, busy day so that’s sort of my guess as we expect she has a form of a sensory-processing disorder (that’s a whole other topic!). She usually wants to get up and walk around the house, watch TV or even play. And when we say no we are going to stay in her room it turns into flailing, kicking, screeching tantrum time. Eleanor has never been a big cuddler or affection giver. (She has recently been giving family hugs and kisses, which melts my heart into a complete puddle.)  But last night when I picked her up and sat in the rocking chair something amazing happened. She laid into me, stopped crying, and we ROCKED! I couldn’t believe it. Talk about Mommy Therapy 😉 She cuddled into me, you could tell she wanted me close and remained still. I wanted to just bawl my eyes out with happy, mushy tears. I think we rocked like this for 45 minutes, she even fell asleep. My back started revolting from holding her in the position she wanted to be in but I didn’t care. It was heaven on earth, a feeling that is pretty much impossible to describe, especially to someone that isn’t a parent. Time stopped and every single worry, thought, ache or pain just melted completely away.

All we needed in that moment was each other and it felt like the calmest, happiest, therapeutic moment I’ve had with her in a really long time. Parenting is difficult as we all know and if only all of us could have these moments once a day to fuel us through the sometimes never-ending tantrums and challenges. I know this is a random sharing post but I hope all you Moms and Dads get to have a moment like this today, tomorrow, or when you really need it to recharge your parenting batteries.


Be well,